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TBI Caregiver Support


Are you living with or connected to someone who has survived a traumatic brain injury (TBI)?

Looking for support?

You are in the right place...

Non Profit 501(c)(3)

TBI Caregiver Support


This group is about supporting each other with our experiences, resources, a shoulder to lean on and most importantly...understanding and acceptance. The TBI survivor's journey is not theirs alone; family and friends are a large part of the healing and the day-to-day living. We offer real life experiences and support. 

We are not medical experts.

TBI Caregiver Support
Contact and Meeting Info

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Meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, remotely
6:30 pm via Free Conferencing



Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center

The MSKTC works closely with researchers in the 16 Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Model Systems to develop resources for people living with traumatic brain injuries and their supporters. These evidence-based materials are available in a variety of formats such as printable PDF documents, videos, and slideshows.

CA Department of Rehabilitation (DOR)

The DOR has many resources and programs. Click on PROGRAMS to see the large selection.

Schurig Center

Harnessing the healing power of community, Schurig Center helps people adjust to life changes and thrive after brain injury.

Caring Bridge

Their mission is to build bridges of care and communication providing love and support on a health journey. 

Disability Rights

Protecting and advancing the rights of individuals with disabilities across California for more than 40 years.


Cognitively-impaired people have difficulty with one or more of the basic functions of their brain, such as perception, memory, concentration and reasoning skills. Common causes of cognitive impairment include Alzheimer's disease and related dementias, stroke, Parkinson's disease, brain injury, brain tumor or HIV-associated dementia.

Family Caregivers

Connecting caregivers to families.

CATBI – California Association for Traumatic Brain Injury is a group of sites providing services to assist individuals with traumatic brain injuries to live as independently as possible within their communities.

Brain Injury Association

Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation Center

Meeting Dates and Events

 Congratulations to Brenda for being recognized as a 2023 Women of the Year for Solano County due to her work with the TBI Community


Dec 13, 2023 (Wednesday)

January 10, 2024 (Wednesday)

February 14, 2024 (Wednesday)

March 13, 2024 (Wednesday)

April 10, 2024 (Wednesday)

May 8, 2024 (Wednesday)

June 12, 2024 (Wednesday)

July 10, 2024 (Wednesday)

August 14, 2024 (Wednesday)

September 11,2024 (Wednesday)

October 9, 2024 (Wednesday)

November 13, 2024 (Wednesday)

December 11,2024 (Wednesday)

January 8,2025 (Wednesday)

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